Sigur, mare parte din glumele trecute în scenariu anul ăsta au avut legătură cu Trump, Hollywood-ul nefiind vreun fan al noului președinte american. Ce-i drept, nici viceversa nu e neapărat valabilă. Cred că cel mai mișto speech la această ediție a fost livrat de Viola Davis, care a câștigat pentru rolul secundar în Fences.

Mike Baker / ©A.M.P.A.S.

???Thank you to the Academy. You know, there’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered. One place. And that’s the graveyard. People ask me all the time, “What kind of stories do you want to tell, Viola???? And I say, exhume those bodies. Exhume those stories. The stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw those dreams to fruition. People who fell in love and lost. I became an artist, and thank god I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life. So here’s to August Wilson, who exhumed and exalted the ordinary people.

And to Bron Pictures, Paramount, MACRO, Todd Black, Molly Allen, Scott Rudin for being the cheerleaders for a movie that is about people, and words, and life, and forgiveness and grace. And to Mykelti Williamson, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Russell Hornsby, Jovan Adepo, Saniyya Sidney for being the most wonderful artists I’ve ever worked with. And, “O captain, my captain,??? Denzel Washington. Thank you for puttin’ two entities in the driving seat: August and God.

And they served you well. And to Dan and Mae Alice Davis, who were the—and are the center of my universe. The people who taught me good or bad, how to fail, how to love, how to hold an award, how to lose: my parents. I’m so thankful that God chose you to bring me into this world. To my sisters. My sister Deloris, who’s here, who played Jaji and Jaja with me. We were rich white women in the tea party games. Thank you for the imagination.

And to my husband and my daughter, my heart, you and Genesis. You teach me every day how to live, how to love. I’m so glad that you are the foundation of my life. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you???

Mike Baker / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Cel mai bun film străin a fost (iar previzibil, din păcate) The Salesman, al iranianului Asghar Farhadi, care a ales să nu fie prezent și să transmită un mesaj chiar prin absența sa, Iranul fiind unul dintre statele aflate pe lista neagră a lui Trump, cu toate că regizorul iranian a primit o dispensă specială pentru a fi prezent la Oscaruri. Firouz Naderi, executiv la NASA, și Anousheh Ansari, prima femeie turist în spațiu, ambii americani de origine iraniană, au citit mesajul:
I’m sorry I’m not with you tonight. My absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S. Dividing the world into the us and our enemies categories creates fear. A deceitful justification for aggression and war. These wars prevent democracy and human rights in countries which have themselves been victims of aggression.
Filmmakers can turn their cameras to capture shared human qualities and break stereotypes of various nationalities and religions. They create empathy between us and others. An empathy which we need today more than ever. Thank you on behalf of Mr. Farhadi???

Și probabill premiul pentru The most stupid question în backstage merge la: Ce mesaj credeți că a vrut să transmită Mr. Farhadi prin alegerea sa de a nu fi prezent în această seară – d’oh!

Aaron Poole / ©A.M.P.A.S.

Mi-a mai plăcut și ce a spus Barry Jenkins, care a câștigat, împreună cu Tarell Alvin McCraney, Oscarul pentru Cel mai bun scenariu adaptat: ???I tell my students that I teach sometimes, be in love with the process not the result but I really wanted this result because a gajillion people are watching and all you people out there who feel like there’s no mirror for you, that your life is not reflected, the Academy has your back, the ACLU has your back, we have your back. And for the next four years, we will not leave you alone, we will not forget you???.

PS Mai sunt câteva chestii mișto din interviurile în backstage, revin și cu alea mintenaș