N-am ajuns aseară la spectacolul celor de la Vertigo şi, după toate aparenţele, am toate motivele să regret acest lucru. Am, totuşi, o recenzie de spectacol de la Naoko Sakai, voluntara în Departamentul Comunicare Online al FITS, venită tocmai din îndepărtata Japonie. Fotografiile îi aparţin lui Paul Baila, unul dintre cei patru fotografi oficiali ai FITS

I guess nobody had any specific ideas what would be happening at this performance. It’s not the ballet classic, and also seemed different from modern dancing or other contemporary dancing. Startedvery quietly and intense movement of a dancer fixed our eyes on the stage.

33-year-old, Andrei who’s working in IT industry, liked their performance very much, and said it flowed from one to another. Actually, he had a chance to talk with its choreographer before the show. He was wondering and asked her where the idea would be coming from and how could she develop the ideas, he said. Then he’s got the answer that she’s had the images of straight line and circle, and then use those ideas with dancers like put it into spiral or some other movements. He especially liked the ending, he said.

His friend, Lore who came from Sibiu said “I cried.??? Their performance touched very much, and liked the solo of a female dancer. She also talked to the choreographer, and heard that the movement came first and then music came next. She liked music as well, but realize the importance of their movements.

Actually, movement of the dancers was really stunning. They’ve had not only the skills of dancing, but also synchronicity. Having synchronicity in the dance performances is very important factor, I reckon. Everyone in performing arts field need to conscious about breathing. Actors, dancers, or singers are thinking about breathing, but controlling it is not easy than we think. Most of the synchronized movement comes from their breath. At the end of the show, we only heard the noise of the swish of clothing and their breath. They perform perfectly in tune each other. We shared a special moment, I suppose.